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A distinctive domain name such as will make your business stand out. A quality address is vital to the success of your website. You can build a great site, yet if your customers can’t remember your domain, they may never see it. Distinguish yourself on the Internet by securing for your company.

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.com remains the Gold Standard

Make sure your new domain fits what your customers will naturally type in. As new domain extensions are introduced, HCI studies (Human Computer Interaction) show that users gravitate to what they know. Further, billions of marketing dollars have been spent on .com

As a .com domain, won't be lost in the confusion as new gTLD's (Global Top Level Domain) extensions are introduced.

Let Define Your Business

As a descriptive domain name, offers many advantages for your business:

  • Easy-to-remember - Help your customers remember your website address.
  • Product-defining - Buy a domain that defines or suggests your product, service or industry.
  • Keyword-rich - These domain names are valuable for search engine optimization. is Ideal for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The right domain can play a critical role in consumer and physician outreach for medical and pharmaceutical companies. As patients continue to gravitate online for medical information, the importance of consumer-friendly websites increases. Short and easy-to-remember domains are a key component to meeting this demand. is part of our RxNames portfolio.  RxNames provides highly vetted pharmaceutical domain names ideal for websites that are geared towards doctors, healthcare professionals and consumers.

RxNames also crafts brandable pharmaceutical product domain names that are memorable and easy-to-say.  Please visit RxNames to see our complete domain portfolio.

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Tens of thousands of forgettable domains are registered everyday and those names are largely ignored. is a memorable domain and only one business can own it. Don’t miss your opportunity to acquire this prestigious Internet property.

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